Wednesday, January 11, 2012

forwarded email: dumb blonde

Dumb blonde flying  in first class
A beautiful blonde flopped down in first class on a flight from Los
Angeles bound for New York.  A flight attendant approached her to say
that her ticket was only good for economy class.

“ But I am beautiful and I am blonde and I am heading for New York
city,” she replied, “ I deserve first class.”
Frustrated, the flight attendant summoned her boss who also asked the
blonde to move over to the economy class seat.  “ Don’t you see how
beautiful I am ?” replied the blonde, “ I am a blonde and blondes fly
first class.”

Finally, the pilot came over to speak to her.  After a few moments,
the blonde got up and went to the economy class to take a seat there.
“ What did you tell her ? ” asked the flight attendant.
“ I told her that first class wasn’t going to New York,  only the
economy class goes to New York.”

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