Saturday, July 28, 2012

Men are like...

Men are like suckers... Sweet untill you get to the stick!!
Men are like toilet paper there only good for one thing.......wiping you ass on!!    
Men are like Sports cars too small, too high maintenance, and always trying to pick up your friends.
Men are like the sun, they all think the world revolves around them.
Men are like weather reports you really shouldn't believe a word they say.
Men are like martinis one isn't enough and two is usually too many.
Men are like taxi cabs,there's usually another one coming along any minute.
Men are like ladybugs,you actually feel bad squashing the cute ones.
Men are like new shoes,.once you break them in, they're fun to walk on.
Men are like earthquakes sometimes they make you want to scream and run out of the building.
Men are like Chinese food,a half an hour later you're ready for something new.
Men are like houseplants, very intelligent, but you're still supposed to talk to them.
Men are like library books,there are still millions you haven't checked out.
Men are like mannequins,it's impossible to get that blank look off their faces  
Men are like easter eggs, they‘re hollow ....
Men are like... Pokemon
Ya gotta catch em all! You don’t win with jus one. Each has a certain quality a woman needs. And if you come across one that is mean to you, you have your other men beat him up! 
Men are like...Birth control...something always pops up and doesnt always work out as planned. 
Men are like...
Vegetables in a supermarket. The good ones are hard to find.  
Men are like cola... lovely and bubbly but soon go flat.
Men are like kettles... they get all hot and steamy when you plug them in but then they go off.
Men are like aeroplanes... sometimes they fly, and sometimes they crash + burn.   
Men are like... fire
Fun to look at, lots of colors, and they always burn out without more fuel.

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