Tuesday, December 14, 2010

forwarded email on JPJ regulation for car plate numbers

While most of us drive a car or two, if not at least a motorcycle. How many of us really know the number plates of the car or motorcycle that we are driving/riding are according to JPJ regulations?

Most of us depends on the number plate makers who know the JPJ guidelines for number plates but often do not follow these guidelines. When you are stopped by a Police of JPJ enforcement officer, you are the one going to pay for the compounds, not the number plate maker. Hence you are strongly advised to check your number plates and make the necessary corrections, unless you want to live with fear of being summoned anytime by the Police or JPJ enforcement officers.
Most of the violations are the alphabets and numbers are placed too close.

99% of current Penang number plates PJX XXXX have the P & J alphabets placed far too close.
Fancy alphabets and numbers are another common mistake.
Reflective or aluminium colour alphabets and numbers are not allowed.

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